Thursday, 10 June 2010

North American P 51-D Mustang 44-72340 / WD-K

Rainforest 1: Wreckhunters 0

We ( Me, Mick, Matt ZX) went over to Aran Fawddwy yesterday with a view to finding a bit of the Mustang whose wreckage was scattered there.

We had the crash report, and the various published coordinates. There were three of us, we had all day to look and we had all found a good few wreck sites.

We found nothing where the crash report map showed wreckage should have been, we found nothing where TR Hill's book described wreckage in a rainforest, and we found nothing where Clark's book reported wreckage, other than incredibly tightly packed trees, festooned with moss.

Crash Report: SH 845 233
Clark et al: SH 841 237
Hill: SH 846 234

We have a report that someone from Chester looted the site back in the early 90's, and that one of their friends has been operating nearby recently.

Anyone know anything?


Rob L said...

lol, been there done that, with the same result. I even spent half the day in wellies going up and down the streams as there were reports of easily found wreckage in the water. I'm split on this one, the accident report makes me think it was higher up the fell then I thought, 'All in a days work' sounds like a pretty good description of the area I was in. Look like another return is on the cards.

Sean said...

We also did the river pretty thoroughly from the bridge all the way down to well below report coords. We are told that pre '93 there were sizeable chinks more or less out in the open. When did you go?

Matt has an idea, will be making a return trip very soon.

Rob L said...

I've had two trips to this one, once in 2004 and once in 2005. If Matt doesn't find anything I might go back with the accident report and see if I can get it to 'fit'. From that my hunch is that it may be uphill from the bridge (if that's the same bridge I'm thinking about). It's just a combination of the map with the report and the photo in Hill's book.

Sean said...

I think the most significant feature on the crash report map is on the left, where the river flows downhill due south. I only found one place where this happens....