Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Further Info on Wrecks

You may want to know more about the wrecks we have visited. We could reproduce others' research, but it would be just as well to go to the source:

The link from the title above is probably the best internet site for information on the planes that crashed in the peak. No information on crash or wreckage location is given, but if you wanted to know more about the planes and their pilots, this one's the daddy, at least as far as the Peak District is concerned. Its author is another matter altogether. We had to ban him from commenting on the blog, but if you read some of his comments on here, you'll see what sort of person he is.

We use Dark Peak Aircraft Wrecks and High Ground Wrecks for general location and biographical info, and the sites given here (with caution) for more up to date photos and info on the wreck sites.

Ralph the dog favours Peakland Air Crashes, which we understand has GPS based five decimal place coordinates, and more up to date info, though we have never seen a copy.

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