Friday, 17 August 2007

Consolidated Liberator PB4Y-1 63934 USN

Liberator Wreck above Chew
Originally uploaded by seansonofbig

The first photo of this undercarriage since 2000, when a gamekeeper asked crash site enthusiasts to bury all the big bits of what had been a major wreck site. This undercarriage is at SE 00872 01595.

There are scraps all around, and a number of collections of bigger scraps within the wreckage field, which extends for maybe 100m or so around the given location.

We put up a small cairn next to the location given to make it easy to find.

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Simon said...

Hi Sean, I live round the corner from here and would be interested in finding the site. I think I'm being thick with your gps coordinates as I can't find a way of getting google to show me where it is!

Couldn't find any other way of contacting you so I left a comment.

Sean said...

Hi Simon,

Google Earth uses a different format for grid refs. Luckily for you, we published a Google earth overlay here: